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About WebLeaps

17+ Years of Creating Successful Business Websites

Based in the Pocono Mountains, we have created websites for clients locally and across the United States, providing personalized services and forming strong business relationships.

At WebLeaps we value our clients and their businesses!

WebLeaps is a family owned and operated web design company located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. It is led by the husband and wife team of Eric and Andrea Kimes who provides quality original website design services. The company is built around the personalized services we offer and the personal relationships we form with our clients. At WebLeaps you're not "just another client." We know exactly who you are, and we are as dedicated to making your site a success as you are. Since we handle our web services in-house, be assured that if you call with a problem, you will talk to someone who knows and cares about you and your website.  

We are unfortunately in a business field where a lot of companies are simply looking to make money quickly and that prey on people's lack of technical knowledge to sell you services you may not need. At WebLeaps we put our name on the websites we design because we believe in you, and your business. Your website is literally the face of OUR business, and we take pride in creating sites that our clients love and that we are proud of.

Eric and Andrea’s scope of knowledge in web design, hosting, marketing, social media (just to name a few) have helped me tremendously in my two different websites. I would highly recommend Webleaps every day of the week for your website needs....big or small. I appreciate all they have educated and helped me with ....they make you feel like family as they are always there for you.

Sue Lurie

About Us


From a young age Eric showed a passion for computers, how they worked, how they operated, and all of the hardware inside them. Coupled with his love of “everything computers”, Eric has always been very friendly, approachable and outgoing. His love of communicating with people has made Eric the voice of WebLeaps and usually the person you will speak to regarding your website. He is able to translate the "web geek" jargon associated with web design into easy to understand information. Eric's genuine personality and background experience in technology sales and customer service helps him understand and convey your website vision to accurately identify your company's demands and the web design services that will serve your company the best. His main focus is creating WordPress websites, managing hosting accounts, and managing social network accounts for our clients.


In 1997, Andrea got her first taste of website design. She started learning HTML and began creating websites for herself, family, and friends. Knowing there was a potential for a business in the future, she took classes in both Graphic Design and Computer Science before completing college with Associate Degrees in both Interactive Multimedia (a web design-based degree) and Small Business Management. During college she interned with a website design company and after graduation worked there until she moved to the Poconos in 2003. In 2005, Eric and Andrea blended her hands-on experience and love of website design with Eric’s strengths and started WebLeaps. Her commitment to continuing education ensures that every website WebLeaps creates has access to the latest technology and is a perfect combination of functionality and design. Andrea's main focus is creating custom websites, website maintenance and email marketing.

Our Team

As WebLeaps has grown, so has our staff. From website design to making routine changes, you can be assured your website is being updated in a consistent manner as WebLeaps utilizes standard design practices to ensure the work is always seamless. Eric and Andrea have both appeared on Computerwise, a local TV show, to discuss everything from blogging to digital photography to Facebook.


WebLeaps is a proud member of the Pocono Mountains Chamber of Commerce and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.