Email Marketing

Reach your clients fast and effectively by landing in their email inbox

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most common methods of communication today. Businesses that use email marketing correctly can build brand and customer loyalty with emails that customers actually want to receive. Provide your customers with relevant emails with information including new products & services, events, news, and promotions. We can create and send branded emails for your business.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing allows you to build a list of customers and potential clients that you can directly market your products and services to. Out of the emails you receive every day, you can probably name a few brands that you actually want to receive emails from. Those emails might give you insight on a product or service or provide money saving coupons or implore another way to make those emails valuable to you. We also receive those "other" emails that we put directly into spam or we don't even read prior to trashing them.

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So, how do you send quality emails for your business that customers actually want? How do you build that email list and collect emails from clients? When working with WebLeaps we know the ins and outs of email marketing and can work with you to setup your email marketing service or can even create and send out emails for your business for you.

We are Constant Contact certified which means that we have in-depth knowledge of their email marketing system and best practices for email marketing. This means that we know how to create engaging customized emails to help you market and grow your business. When setting up your email marketing account we can add existing contacts to create a list that you can immediately work with and create an email template for consistent branding with your website.

WebLeaps can help you build your email marketing list through your website with email signup forms to collect customer, and potential customer, email addresses. Through the use of email marketing you are able to maintain a relationship with your customers, build loyalty and get promotions and information out quickly and efficiently.

We are all too familiar with 'spam emails' - email marketing is not about sending out mass emails to users who do not want them.

Using a 3rd Party Email Service

Long gone are the days of sending out bulk emails from your personal email, if you are still sending out emails this way you really need to understand that there are risks.

Using a 3rd party email service has many advantages:
- You don't risk your ISP cutting off your internet service (for sending out spam/mass emails)
- You don't risk "blacklisting" your email causing your emails to be rejected by recipients
- It is easy to implement "opt out" features that are required by law
- You do not have to manually add/remove email addresses
- Tracking and Reporting is available so you can see how many people opened your email, clicked on links,
- It's easy to store and manage contacts
- Emails can be scheduled to be sent at a future date

We are proud to partner with Constant Contact

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