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Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to frequently asked questions can be found below.


If you do not see the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

How do I setup my email account?

The majority of our clients use pop3 email accounts which enable you to send and receive as an email @yourdomain. This both looks professional and promotes your website address. POP3 accounts can be setup on your computer using Outlook(or another email program) as well your smartphone, tablet and other devices.


To set up a POP3 account you will need your email address and password. Your username is your full email address.

Type of Account: POP3
Incoming Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Username: Your full email address (e.g. bob@yourdomain.com)
Password: Your email account password

Authentication is required for POP3 and SMTP

Be sure to “leave mail on server” if using Outlook and checking email from multiple devices. Please delete emails from server via webmail once read so you do not exceed your email quota. Please note that some Internet Service Providers require you to use their outgoing mail servers. If they do you will need to contact them for that information.

Using Webmail

Webmail allows you to check your email via a web browser from any computer/device. To access webmail go to our client resource center and click on "Access WebMail" or click here.

1) Enter your Username and Password:
Username: Your full email address (e.g. bob@yourdomain.com)
Password: Your email account password

Once logged in you will be given 3 email options, we suggest using the middle option "Roundcube" as it is the most user friendly option.

How do I change my password for my email account?

After logging in to webmail(and prior to logging into an email program such as Roundcube) click on “change password” on the bottom left to change/update your email password.

My Email box is full, what do I do?

To clear your email account you will need to login to Webmail (see above), and delete your messages. Once those messages are removed your email will resume working as normal.

Depending on the size of emails (photos and graphics take up more space), your email box will usually not fill up until you have a few thousand emails. You will receive notifications as your email account is nearing its quota reminding you to remove messages. If you do not empty your email box prior to it getting full you will be unable to receive new messages.

How can I check my email on both my computer and my smartphone?

To set up your email account so you can view it on your computer and then receive those same emails on your smartphone, tablet or be able to view them via webmail, you will need to set any email program you use to "leave mail on the server". This will leave all emails on the server so no matter what device you check your emails on it will always show all of your emails. There is a limit to email account sizes, so be sure to clear out your emails frequently to avoid filling up your mail box (see above).