Refunds / Cancellations

At WebLeaps we do not hold our clients in contracts, meaning that you are able to take your services elsewhere at any time.

Should you choose to cancel, you may request a refund on pre-paid but unused hosting services. For example, if you paid for 6 months of hosting and would like to discontinue after 2, we can provide a refund for 4 months of hosting. This must be requested from the client in a written format.

We do not issue refunds on domain name purchases or renewals.

Cancellations of some pre-paid services can be transferred to other existing services (for example if you cancel social media services but continue hosting services).

We do not issue refunds if your website is cancelled due to adult content or any other inappropriate content, please see our Acceptable Use Policy. This will result in immediate website hosting termination, your website will not be reinstated and no refunds will be given.

We require authorization from our contact as the website owner in order to release a domain, hosting login information or to request a cancellation of services.

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