Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you missing out on business because potential clients can't find you?

We offer organic local search engine optimization so your business can be found when potential and existing clients search for your products and services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is no one size-fits-all solution when it comes to search engine optimization. It is a constantly evolving service that needs to be properly executed in order to obtain the results that you want. Our search engine services include a careful analysis of your current search traffic, frontend website content, as well as backend coding. There are many factors with Search Engine Optimization, including SEO-friendly website copy, internal site links, social metrics, links from other websites to yours and many others. For our search engine optimization services there is an initial fee, for performing one-time updates on your website (frontend & backend), followed by a monthly fee to improve and maintain your search engine rankings.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Having a website that cannot be found when a potential client or customer begins a search may mean that you could be losing out on potential business to your competitors. With organic local search engine optimization we work with you to enable your website to be listed where you can be found when potential customers look for your products and/or services. These listings are found below paid advertising and do not cost you anything if someone clicks through to your website. There is no quick or simple way to be listed organically in search engines and it is a complex process that takes effort and time, but can produce great results. We would be happy to show you examples from our SEO clients and how we were able to select their key terms and affect their search engine placement.

Paid Advertising

We offer paid advertising through Facebook which can reach large and targeted audiences. Paid advertising can be set up and operational within a few days or less and can be a good option for industries that want quick results or are on a deadline. They give almost immediate results, but as soon as you stop paying for paid advertising or your daily budget expires, your ad(s) will no longer show. Sometimes called pay-per-click, you are charged on different variables which could include per click, impressions, views, and for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) you will be charged every time someone clicks on your link. A daily budget can be set, but once your budget is met for the day, your ads are no longer shown. This option works for some businesses, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages for your particular business before you choose paid advertising.

Beware of Search Engine Results that sound too good to be true. They almost always are.

Website owners often get emails and phone calls from companies that will try to instill fear in you by telling you that "Your website can't be found in search engines," or "We can get you to #1 in search engines," or "We are calling on behalf of Google," or that "You need to update your local online listing." All of these companies can make you question yourself and your website, and are often simply meant to get you to spend a lot of money, with little to no results. Do not be swindled by phone calls and emails with promises of "#1 in search engines." With PAID advertising, if you have an unlimited budget you could technically be listed as #1 in PAID searches, but no legitimate SEO company would ever make those promises, as there is no way to control and 100% guarantee organic search engine results. We are always completely honest and realistic with our clients about the results that you can obtain with the budget you have. With our SEO services you can be certain that your website is being properly cared for and that search engine-approved White Hat SEO tactics are being used.

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO involves following with integrity standard search engine procedures that are approved by search engine companies. This include industry-specific research on terms and keywords, analysis of the website and improvements to both the frontend appearance as well as backend coding to make the website work for both users as well as search engines. The result is long lasting organic rankings in search engines for properly maintained websites. Black Hat SEO is essentially the opposite of White Hat SEO and involves using unethical tactics to get ranked higher in search engines. These methods are frowned upon by search engines and although a site may temporarily spike up in searches or traffic, these tactics can lead to a complete de-indexing of the website from search engines and/or ranking penalization. These tactics include link spamming, keyword stuffing, spamdexing and using copyrighted content from other sites just to name a few. There is no shortcut when it comes to ranking well in search engines. Claims of quick, easy unrealistic results will almost definitely end up hurting your website in the long run.

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