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Reliable Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Servers

We offer website hosting for our clients, including shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting and dedicated server hosting. From smaller mom and pop websites to websites with heavy traffic and resource needs including online stores, we have many options available to suit your business website.

Our Standard Website Hosting Services include:

  • Free website reports and statistics
  • Check email via your email application, phone or browser
  • Control Panel Access - Add/remove emails, view web stats and more
  • Reliable Uptime
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Webmail - view your email from any computer
  • Up to 20 email addresses @yourdomain
  • Moderate space and bandwidth

The majority of our client's websites fall under our standard website hosting package. For customers who have high traffic websites or websites that use a lot of resources, we offer both Virtual Private Server(VPS) and dedicated server hosting.

We recommend WebLeaps hosting for all of our website design clients. Having your website, hosting, domain name and maintenance services all through us means that we are your point of contact for all of your website services. WebLeaps provides hosting only for our clients so you can be sure your website is being hosted with other similar businesses of high integrity and not websites that may damage your business’ image.

What Is Website Hosting?

Every website requires hosting, but not all website hosting is the same. A web server is essentially a high performance computer that is in a climate-controlled location that never gets turned off. Your website takes up hard drive space and bandwidth, and the server it is on needs power running to it 24/7, so to cover those costs a website hosting fee is charged. A website hosting fee is typically charged per month, similar to any other utility bill, such as your phone, electricity, gas, water, etc. and covers the cost to keep your website up live each month.

Our website fee is a standard flat rate fee per month that can be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Those fees are always due prior to the month that the website will be hosted, and your website will be suspended if that fee is not paid on time, as it costs us to keep your website running. We suggest semi-annual or annual hosting for clients that may have difficulty remembering to pay their bill monthly. We also offer credit card services so we can auto-bill per month if that makes it more convenient.

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