Website Maintenance

Keep your website fresh and up-to-date!

We know your time is extremely valuable and how difficult it can be to make regular updates to your website. Let us handle all the work for you. We offer both hourly maintenance as well as monthly maintenance packages.

Let Us Maintain Your Website For You.

With a long list of "to-do's" everyday in your business and personal life, we understand how hard it can be to dedicate time to updating your website. We can complete most updates more efficiently, since this is what we do day in and day out! Make the most of your time with one of our maintenance packages so you don't miss opportunities to share your message or find yourself stressed over finding the time to input updates.

Maintenance can include creating content, graphics, and we can also make simple text changes, add photos, and perfom other basic website updates. We also offer social media maintenance options.

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

We offer monthly maintenance packages so you can sit back and know that we will update your website each month. Whether you have monthly content that is copy ready that needs to be updated, such as a calendar or special events, or you want us to create graphics and content for you monthly, you can be as "hands on" or "hands off" as you'd like.

Quarterly Website Updates

It can be difficult to remember to make website updates, so some websites are left unchanged for months or years at a time, which is not great for customers or search engines. This is where WebLeaps comes in, we can plan and schedule quarterly marking updates for you, from banners to photos to blog posts.

Marketing Schedule
Winter – December, January, February
Spring - March, April, May
Summer – June, July, August
Fall – September, October, November

Hourly Website Maintenance

For less frequently needed updates, we offer website maintenance at our standard hourly rate. These updates can include general page updates, such as content or photos or seasonal updates. Whatever updates you need made, we can make them for you!

The WebLeaps Difference

Not all website design companies offer maintenance or update services and can be very "hands off" once your website goes “live,” forcing you to figure out your website for yourself. At WebLeaps we are a full service website design company. From the completion of your website to the maintenance and updating of your existing website, we are here for anything you may need.
During your initial consultation we will discuss website update options: Would you like to update your website yourself? Or would you prefer that we do it? We provide both options so that our customers can make the decision that serves their company best.

How Often Should You Update Your Website?

Ideally, your website should be frequently updated, but we understand this can be a difficult task for our busy clients. At the very least seasonal changes should be done. For example, having a banner about winter in the middle of the summer does not help sell your product or service. Your visitors need to be able to trust the accuracy and reliability of the information on your website. How can they trust that your pricing is correct, products are still available, or services are accurate if they can tell your website hasn't been updated in a year or two? A properly updated website means LESS WORK for you in the long run. Customers and clients will learn to use your website as a source of information - reducing phone calls, emails and focusing your time more productively by identifiying potential clients who actually want and need your product.

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